Music deserves to be
the second compulsory language
of all schools in the world.

Paul Carvel


to preserve the memory of the grand repertoire whilst rapidly developing towards the future,

to reveal a stimulating contemporary repertoire which allows for a profound understanding of today’s arts through a distinct presentation adapted to the 21 century,

to actively contribute to cultural development , notably musical, at an international level,

to open up new spaces for communication, via a multidisciplinary link to different artistic genres, for those with particularly interesting and innovative things to express.

  • Dominik Berchten (Switzerland) is also keenly interested in other musical areas such as Jazz, improvisation and accompaniment to the choral repertoire allowing him greater flexibility and an updated  contemporary approach to interpretations.
    Dominik BERCHTEN
  • Tanja Biderman (Russia) First Prize at the «Concours Musical de France 2012», earned recognition especially  in the French, German and Russian repertoire. Her concert appearances and recordings always capture the works essential elements with natural warmth and sincerity. To notify also her spectacular interpretations of  Schumann’s Toccata, Rachmaninoff’s Second Sonata and Gubaidulina’s Chaconne in her Master program in 2014.
    Tanja BIDERMAN
  • Maude Bürgi (Switzerland) Listening, finesse and precision are the criteria that define Maude and her approach to music. She entered the PreCollege class at a very young age under the guidance of Patricia Pagny and is now preparing her Bachelor’s degree giving particular importance to sound production. Maude favours historical instruments and intends to diversify and expand on this preference during the coming years.
    Maude BÜRGI
  • Simone Cagnasso (Switzerland) graduated with his Bachelor diploma in 2018 and obtained many prizes at international competitions in Italy. He has a very personal approach to certain repertoires such as those by Mozart, Debussy, Poulenc and Messiaen in particular. His preparation for the Master will allow him to reach teaching positions in music schools and keep also free time for a career as a soloist and chamber musician.
    Simone CAGNASSO
  • Nadia Coquoz (Switzerland) has returned to university to gain a Master diploma in Pedagogy and will devote her future towards teaching the piano.  Her playing is rich and interesting with an attention to accuracy and respect of style.
    Nadia COQUOZ
  • Mickaël Dolci (Switzerland) After completing his Bachelor’s studies with particular success, Mickaël showed great interest in the French repertoire and the literature that accompanies it, always keeping in mind the close link between the different artistic worlds. Using recent digital technologies, Mickaël often combines live musical performances with recorded extracts. He aims to expand his repertoire during the next years of study for his Master of Pedagogy.
    Mickaël DOLCI
  • A committed artist with an already impressive career, Cecilia stands out from the new generation of pianists by her multi-faceted approach to the keyboard in a selection of “forgotten” great works.  Her taste for the Italian composers of the 19th and early 20th century guarantee her a place in the series of specialist concerts. She was awarded a medal from the Italian Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies to highlight her artistic journey to international level.
    Cecilia FACCHINI
  • Enzo Gafner (Switzerland) Since his early years as a Bachelor student, Enzo has a very detailed approach to the classical/romantic repertoire. Thanks to his remarkable skills, a particular brightness, understanding of colour and an extreme lightness of touch, the music of Debussy and other French composers benefit from his technique.  Enzo was an award winner at the Swiss Youth Music Competition SJMW in 2021.
    Enzo GAFNER
  • Chao Gao (China) Possessing a fervent temperament, Chao is completing his Bachelor’s studies in the class of Patricia Pagny at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern. He specializes in an unknown repertoire, closely related to Switzerland, which he aims to make known in his own country. Chao Gao associates virtuoso pieces with other works that require subtle and accurate sound research.
    Chao GAO
  • Carla Garcia (Chili) has a very natural manual agility which allows her to access a very particular repertoire, not only Classical and Romantic works but also more contemporary works, like The American Preludes by Ginastera, the impressive « Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues » by Rzewski, or the trio «Café Music» by Schoenfield. Now focussed in the research field, she is one of the most ambitious Masters students at Bern University of Arts in the class of Patricia Pagny, Kai Köpp and Manuel Bärtsch.
    Carla GARCIA
  • Giovanna Gatto (Italy) is very active and successful  in many European countries, especially Italy. She regularly performs as a soloist and in chamber music ensembles. She recorded a CD with works by Ravel, Debussy, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Toshio Akaishi which was dedicated to «Nature» as illustrated through music. CD productions with the Complete Works by Ottorino Respighi has been released in 2018.
    Giovanna GATTO
  • Arman Grigorian (France) is already a much appreciated pedagogue in French speaking Switzerland. Student of Lara Erbès and Aline Zylberach at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg, he advanced under the guidance of Pierre Goy in Lausanne. Arman is now finishing his training in Patricia Pagny’ class with objectives, notably the development of his repertoire and more international recognition. Through the Tasti’Era-Projects some concerts will be planned for the coming years.
  • Marion Gross (Switzerland) Marion is a sensitive and refined artist inspired by art since childhood and, in keeping with her personality, favours an intimate approach to music applying her extremely subtle and delicate touch. In her selected repertoire, Marion performs the baroque style with infinite flexibility allowing her to achieve an ideal balance with her instrument.
    Marion GROSS
  • Tomomi Hori (Japan) gave outstanding debuts in France, Germany and Switzerland. She performed also  at prestigious series such as the «Virtuoses du Cœur». She is regularly invited to perform as a soloist with orchestra, for recital programmes and chamber music repertoire. Her personal CD was also published by the label «Tasti’Era-Projects»
    Tomomi HORI
  • Simon Huonder (Switzerland) is a fellowship student.  At ease with the great works of the Classical and Romantic periods, he also excels in the less-trodden repertoire of Villa-Lobos and Poulenc.  His goals include concerts and competitions in Germany, Switzerland and France, notably through the Tasti’Era-Projects.
    Simon HUONDER
  • Anda Kryeziu (Kosovo) has developed a wide musical vision thanks to her many experiences in the field of composition. Because of a very personal and sensitive approach, Anda performs the French and Japanese repertoire with special care for sound and colour.
    Anda KRYEZIU
  • SungEun Lee (Korea) studied for several years in Germany and then at the Bern University of the Arts to improve her technique.  An elegant and nimble pianist in reading new piano literature, her solid approach allows her to interpret a very wide repertoire.
    SungEun LEE
  • Paola Lepori (Switzerland) With her eclectic personality, Paola has both a traditional approach to classical music and one which uses her interest in the visual arts, such as video and photography. This versatility allows her to deepen her creative side of the piano repertoire, especially in contemporary music. The World Premiere of the piece by the German composer Ulrich Schultheiss “ritorna la nebbia” (the fog returns) performed live and on CD in 2021 should be remembered.
    Paola LEPORI
  • Fabienne Mittaz (Switzerland) is a young pianist who combines her musical prowess with both delicacy and rigour. Her repertoire extends from the Baroque era to the present day, with an inclination towards the works of Bach, Scarlatti, Clara and Robert Schumann, Jean-Jacques Werner and Arvo Pärt. Her playing is light and characterised by a refined touch with a pure and subtle style.
    Fabienne MITTAZ
  • Patricia Pagny (France) created the idea of new experiences in CD recordings, concerts and multidisciplinary events with the cooperation of her students at the Hochschule der Künste Bern (HKB-Bern University of Arts) which she has run since 2010. Her career has been influenced by the guidance of performers such as Sir Georg Solti, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Nikita Magaloff, Marek Janowski, Uri Segal, Paul Badura-Skoda, Maria João Pires and Alain Lombard. Today, Patricia Pagny makes her mark on world of music not only during her concert tours, but equally during her numerous masterclasses.
    Patricia PAGNY
  • Nikola Pešic (Serbia) studied at the  University of Nis in Serbia and then joined Patricia Pagny’s class at the Bern University of the Arts. Sensitivity and intellect characterize his interpretations, especially when he performs compositions which are largely forgotten in today concert halls, such as works by Dohnanyi, Szymanowski, Janacek and Kurtag, Mompou, Montsalvatge.
    Nikola PEŠIC
  • Annette Philipona (Switzerland) concluded her pedagogical studies under the leadership of Patricia Pagny at the Bern University of the Arts, combining in her thesis programme on the subject of unconventional piano repertoire with the Berlin cabaret songs of the 30s.
    Annette PHILIPONA
  • Timothée Savary (Switzerland) grew up in a musical family and devoted himself to the piano at a very young age, first at the Lugano Conservatory and then at the Bern University of the Arts with Patricia Pagny. He intends to devote himself to teaching with the possibility of performing in solo and chamber music concerts with very specific thematic repertoires.
    Timothée SAVARY
  • Mrika Sefa (Kosovo) won Second Prize at the «Concours Musical de France 2013» and «YMFE-YAMAHA Prize» in Switzerland. Mrika is a potential talent in her native country.
    Mrika SEFA
  • Xiaoyu Shen (China) Arriving from China with great potential, Xiaoyu intends to complete her musical studies in Patricia Pagny’s class at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern and to extend the traditional classic-romantic piano repertoire. The Tasti’Era Project will organise various concerts in France, Switzerland and Germany over the coming seasons allowing audiences to discover this brilliant personality, blessed with great interpretative intuition and artistic creativity.
    Xiaoyu SHEN
  • Aimi Sugo (Japan) won First Prize at the International Competition «Antonio Salieri» – Legnago with Special Prize for her interpretations of the 20. century repertoire. Other important distinctions such as the «Premio Enrica Cremonesi» – Milan, «Stiftung für junge Musiktalente» – Meggen  and «YMFE-YAMAHA  Prize» have helped to ensure a successful career for Aimi. Many concerts with orchestra, chamber music events and solo recitals have been planned for the next years.
    Aimi SUGO
  • Tamar Usenashvili (Georgia) already showed signs of great talent as a child at the Tbilissi Conservatory and Faculty. She completed her piano study under the leadership of Patricia Pagny at the Berne University of the Arts. Her exceptional flexibility in the romantic repertoire, particularly in works by Mendelssohn, Brahms, Schumann, allows her to obtain a colourful palette in her piano playing.
  • Hirginia Vallejo (Spain) studied in Patricia Pagny’s class at the Berne University of the Arts and is already very pedagogically active in various schools in Switzerland.  Her teaching approach can be perfectly adapted to each individual student.
    Hirginia VALLEJO
  • Zarja Vatovec (Slovenia). The BUA-Master Study gave her an opportunity to excel in the French repertoire, especially Fauré, Poulenc, Debussy, Ravel. Zarja reveals her refined personality thanks to interesting premiere performances of new piano works by composers such as Jean-Jacques Werner.
    Zarja VATOVEC
  • Xinyi Wang (China) has demonstrated great seriousness in the approach to her piano repertoire. Since her arrival at BUA, she has leaned towards the works of Rameau, Soler and Haydn; she has strengthened a very nice “perlé” touch which is so adapted to the Baroque period. Xinyi also organises musical events and unifies the different styles and artistic approaches in Switzerland and China.
    Xinyi WANG
  • Sari Weber (Switzerland) Sari’s appreciation of music was initially influenced by her family and the tradition of “Hausmusik”. This debut provided her with the tools to achieve the right balance in chamber music and in the accompaniment of the voice in the most diversified styles. Sari demonstrates great flexibility, agility and instrumental mastery.
    Sari WEBER
  • Xenia Wiener (Switzerland). Her flexibility allows Xenia to easily mix classical piano performances with various other art forms  – theater, songs, etc…- opening up a new perspective in art appreciation.
    Xenia WIENER
  • SoJung Yeon, (Korea). Clearly shows a preference for the great piano repertoire, including works from the Romantic period. The different aspects of her brilliant piano playing reveal a solid technique and a sensitive sense of colour, especially in works forgotten by today’s audiences, such as Dutilleux and Ginastera Sonata, Aaron Copland, Robert Muczynski, Toru Takemitsu and others.
    SoJung YEON
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